Kabuki Say: Constellations

Image result for kabuki mask of deathKabuki on high hath rained down the wisdom of the sacred worlds of warriors and men, soldiers and monsters, spirits and sinners. His is the highest wisdom, let it be written, for he sees the ancient scroll of fate, for what time holds and what will come in the future. What he says is golden, for it’s worth its weight in time, patience and faith. Let it be known. Let it be written. The season has begun.

Kabuki, sacred deity, possesses the strength to change the world. This is what we want. We call out for change. We call for things to be better, when Kabuki has made the world to be perfect. It’s struggle and greed and destruction and love and cataclysm and missed field goals and trades and false promises. His role is the trickster. He loves to see the fall of man. He has no need to work towards it. Man does a good enough job at bringing ruin to his kingdom.

Many great cultures have tested their fate. Their fate is written in the stars. Some are written on the Lombardi Trophy. Kabuki watches football and predicts who will be the victor. He sees the stars, constellations, in the movements of the players. The spirit of the world is awake in their movements. A player moves from one team to the next, as one star drifts to another constellation. What could be so powerful that it could draw them away from their constellation?

The movement of the cosmos is tilting, not shifting, but tilting along a delicate axis centered by the cosmos. It has been tilting for some time now and where it will lead once it has made its alignment, well, only Kabuki knows. Everyone hopes to see the stars of their constellation sign a bit brighter. Some teams have never had a hope. Free agency is that hope, until the constellations reach their precise alignment and must prove to the backdrop of the cosmos that they belong.

Who will belong by February 2018?